I have used Talia’s services on a number of occasions and have been happy every time. After the Newtown Shooting and Hurricane Sandy, Talia came in to talk with my teachers and parents about how we can best support our children and students in the wake of such tragedies. Talia provided very practical advice and strategies, and her contributions to our community helped to put everyone at ease. Many parents and teachers expressed that the workshops helped them move from a feeling of helplessness to a place of empowerment and hope.

I have also referred Talia to several parents in my school for a variety of child and adolescent issues, and all have had positive reports and outcomes. We even had Talia come in this year to work with our eighth grade class on managing their anxiety during the high school application process, and she received rave reviews from the students. Talia is smart, resourceful, understanding, and responsive – I love knowing that she is a phone call or email away!Jill Singleton | Head of School at All Saints Episcopal Day School

Talia is an exceptional therapist, she has helped me improve my quality of life. Very empathetic, always on time, she makes you feel like your time is worth it. She’s great.Mary S.
After moving home from college, I searched high and low to find a therapist I felt I could connect with. From the first time I met with Erin, I knew I had found a keeper. Dealing with years of depression and anxiety, I believed it would always be a part of me — however, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Erin has helped me see past the identity I used to cling on to in order to help me start a new chapter of my life. What I love most about my sessions with Erin is her ability to challenge my thoughts, such that I leave with a different perspective each and every time. Erin is a kind, patient and supportive therapist, all of which I am truly thankful for!Cara
Our daughter has done so well under your care. She overcame her fear of going on playdates. Thank goodness! That was a huge hurdle. She is proud to report back to you all her accomplishments between sessions. Having you as a support seems to help her confidence and that is the goal. She is also advocating for herself. She has gained a voice for herself. Thank you!Sharon
I started meeting with Talia as I was going through a life transition (although at the time I hadn’t realized that yet). I had just moved to the area and was going through another round of settling in – but without really settling in. I just knew I wasn’t satisfied with my life and saw plenty of possibilities but I couldn’t make any decisions. I kept second guessing and over analyzing everything. Through meeting with Talia, I gained clarity. I was trying to tackle too much at once, both in the number of changes and the extremeness of them. She helped me slow down and catch my negative self-talk. I hope more people reach out to therapy, not only as a treatment but as a way to maintain and enhance our mental health.Kirsten
Our daughter has done so well under your care. She overcame her fear of going on playdates. Thank goodness! That was a huge hurdle. She is proud to report back to you all her accomplishments between sessions. Having you as a support seems to help her confidence and that is the goal. She is also advocating for herself. She has gained a voice for herself. Thank you!Parent of 10 Year Old Female
I can’t thank you enough for your help–the few weeks of meeting with you got me through some tough / scary moments on the day of the delivery, and I generally held it together better than I thought I would!Client who began therapy when 34 weeks pregnant
As a school counselor in town, I have been collaborating and working closely with Talia and Erin over the past few years. They have supported many of our families and students who have all reported positive experiences. Both Talia and Erin understand the value of working together with the family and the school – they are often in touch and interested in hearing the school’s perspective, together forming a strong support team. We have seen our students benefit greatly from this partnership.

I never hesitate to reach out to them!Jessica

We could not be happier with the work you are doing with [our daughter] and the results have been stunning…we have noticed such strides in almost every area of her emotional development and sense of self. Having her work with you is one of the best and most important decisions we have made as parents and I am so grateful that [our daughter’s school] referred us to you.Sarah | Mother
My husband and I were asking [our son] about therapy and he said he really enjoys talking to [Chelsea] about things he has going on. We asked because we both noticed he has been a lot more positive and less down on him self the last couple of months. We both notice a very positive change in him. I am glad therapy is helping him.
I would 100% recommend Starr Therapy for anyone who is struggling with any part of their life. For me, it was anxiety. Talia gave me the strength and tools I needed to turn my life from always thinking about the “what ifs” to promoting positive thinking and empowerment. Talia is fantastic in her approaches and really makes you feel like you are her only patient. Without Starr Therapy, I would be miserably suffering through my anxiety, but luckily I took that first step and I am so happy I did.Michelle
About 7 months ago, I had a realization that things in my life needed to take a shift. I didn’t know where to start, but I knew I needed to figure it out before I woke up at rock bottom. Should I go see a therapist? Would that even help with everything that is going on? Therapy was always something I kept in the back of my mind, but I thought if I actually admitted to needing, or wanting, to go, I would be labeled as a crazy person. Little did I know, the only crazy thing about the situation, was thinking that therapy wouldn’t help.

Over the past 7 months, not only have I been able to conquer emotional barriers and personal insecurities, but I have learned to believe in myself and allow myself to grow into a person I am confident to live as.

The moment I sat down with Talia, it was clear to me that this was the person who was going to help me with my personal journey. From day one, she was able to make our sessions a time of release and relief. I never realized the strength I had within myself, and Talia helped pull that out of me. Each week was a new conversation about a new struggle, and each week came a new challenge to overcome. I welcomed these challenges, because not only was this an opportunity to prove myself, I also didn’t want to let anyone down, especially Talia. The faith she has in her patients is a comfort that you can’t just make up. She is able to take everything you throw at her, everything that you have kept inside of you and finally are able to talk about, and she helps you look at it in a new light. A light that shows you, these thoughts and fears are completely okay, and no matter what, everything is going to get better and you will survive.

Looking back at my experience so far, I can’t thank Talia enough for giving me the power to be the me I want to be. Not only is my mind clearer and my soul happier, but I know that regardless of where I am at in life, I have one more friend to help me along the way.Stefanie

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