Congratulations! Just by visiting this website, I know you are a person with courage. Therapy can be an intimidating idea to think about. You may have scary thoughts running through you’re head – “What if she tells me I’m crazy?!”

I guarantee your perception of therapy is much scarier in your head than it is in real life.

Let’s not kid ourselves – everyone has stuff.

Here at Starr Therapy, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to therapy. We only use cutting-edge techniques and an action-oriented session format to get you feeling better ASAP. Our hands-on approach has helped tons of children, teens and adults get “unstuck” from the issues that impede their ability to feel happy.

We know that behavioral change for children requires a consistent approach across all settings. For this reason, we will happily collaborate with other professionals involved in treatment, such as pediatricians, psychiatrists, and school staff.

Additionally, we would be glad to host a presentation at your school for parents on a topic they struggle with. Take a look at our “Presentations” tab to see our current offerings.

If you’re up for it, give us a call.

See you in session!

Individual, family, couples, and group therapy. We can also create custom presentations for your school based on the topics your students/teachers/parents struggle with most.
For Parents & Teachers:

  • Worried Sick
  • The Real Deal: Parenting Teens & Tweens
  • 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12
  • Mental Health 101: IQ vs. EQ
  • Coping with School Violence

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a topic and we’ll create a custom presentation for your school!

For Students:

  • Feeling the Pressure
The fee for on-site presentations is $500.00. Attendees at our presentations receive 15% off their 1st session!
Give us a call. We are happy to provide phone consultations to discuss a difficult student issue or provide recommendations for treatment. Fees are prorated based on the hourly rate.
Yes! We have office hours on Saturdays
No problem! We offer virtual sessions via phone, FaceTime and Skype. > Learn More
We understand the unique relationship that exists between a client and his/her therapist. We also know you don’t want to waste time “shopping around” for a therapist. We provide free phone consultations so you can ask questions and get to know us before deciding if you’d like to book an appointment.

We also offer a free presentation plus Q&A to schools and other community organizations who want to get a sneak peak at our approach to mental health.

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