Kids & Teens

Our approach to therapy with children is dual-focused: we teach children how to cope with their feelings, modify their behaviors, and ultimately overcome the issues that brought them to therapy. We also take it a step further by integrating parent coaching because we know that children reach their goals faster when parents get involved too.

What you can expect:
The first session is a comprehensive history-taking and goal-setting assessment which is completed with the parent(s) only. Children do not attend this session because we want parents to freely discuss the issues that brought them to therapy and the impact it has on the household overall.

The second session is completed with parents and child. The goal of this session is to help the child feel comfortable and to develop rapport with his/her therapist. We encourage parents of small children to let them bring something from home such as a stuffed animal or small toy. Our focus during this session is to spend as much 1:1 time with your child as possible.

Subsequent sessions will be scheduled according to your child’s treatment plan, which will be discussed with your therapist. Children who start with weekly sessions typically see the fastest results. The frequency of sessions can be adjusted according to your availability and are reduced as your child demonstrates improvement.

Once your child reaches his/her goals, therapy can be discontinued. But don’t worry, you can always come back! Check-in sessions are always available on an as-needed basis for clients who have already addressed their goals in therapy, but want a random session here or there to get back on track.

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