Our Vision

To inspire our clients to create necessary change in their lives without fear of criticism or judgement, and instead, to confront their problems with a sense of courage and pride that will allow them to evolve into the best possible version of themselves. We envision a future community of people who brag about being in therapy!

Our Mission

Helping clients discover their “a-ha” moment is why we became therapists in the first place. We know how intimidating therapy can be, and we have committed to a solution-focused approach that puts our clients in the driver’s seat with a clear road map to follow for improving their lives in a real way. Our mission is to provide the highest quality mental health treatment that is founded on building authentic connections with our clients, no matter their age or where they are in the world, at the time they need support.

The Therapists


Talia Filippelli

LCSW, CHHC, CPT & Owner of Starr Therapy

Talia Filippelli is one of the leading young therapists of the next generation who has dedicated herself to helping adults realize their best self. She’s a refreshing departure from the traditionally held stigma associated with therapists and people who go to therapy.

More About Talia

Chelsea Calello


While therapy can seem intimidating to some – my goal is to provide a safe, comfortable environment where people can get on the path to a happier life. So much of what you need for a happy life is within yourself. In my sessions I try to focus on helping people find that inner strength and power to take charge of their own lives.

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Nicole Berezny


We will work from the inside out to build insight, cultivate authentic relationships with yourself and others, and celebrate the essence of you. I will guide you to connect with your values, purpose, and to transform limiting beliefs and behavior that no longer serve you.

More About Nicole

Arielle Sheinman


Arielle is a licensed social worker in the State of New Jersey. She currently works with children, “tweens,” teenagers and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and ADHD/executive functioning challenges. Her goal is to help you gain the insights and awareness to find solutions to whichever problems may come your way!

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Caitlyn Downie


It’s time to give yourself a break and really focus on you! The world is changing so fast around us; it seems we never have a moment to breathe. I’m here to help you carve out time for you. We have the power to make choices that can make us happy and live fulfilling lives. My goal is to help you on your journey.

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